Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the pages of the “Intercultool” intercultural competence assessment tool. This tool is a product of a two years collaborative work of six organisations from five European countries achieved thanks to the support of the Life Long Learning Programme of the European Union.

Our tool has been designed for four specific target groups:

  1. the business sector
  2. the non-for profit sector
  3. the public sector
  4. the teachers and trainers of the vocational education and training (V.E.T.) sector

The Intercultool reaches out to professionals from these four sectors, to those who work in intercultural situations every day. Our intention when developing this tool was to give these professionals a feedback about their strengths and weaknesses when operating in intercultural situations.

The Intercultool is innovative because it was developed based on intercultural challenges lived by professionals in their work life. Our aim was to keep the development of the tool as close as possible to the real needs and everyday work experiences of its future users. With this goal in mind, our bottom-up approach involved professionals from each participating countries in several phases of the project.

The final version of our tool has been done on the basis of a validation research, during which 890 professionals from the four sectors and five participating countries, during which we analysed and revised the content and functionality of the tool.

In conclusion, we are proud that our assessment tool is not just a theoretically based and scientifically validated tool, but it is based on the real needs of its future users: you.

The Intercultool assesses five factors of intercultural interactions: the readiness to learn, the need for comfort zones, the accommodation to others, the awareness of relativity and the practice of relativity.

For a short description of each of the five factors assessed by the Intercultool please click here.

Our on-line test is currently available in English, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian and Swedish languages. The assessment can be completed in about fifteen to twenty minutes.

We hope that you will find the assessment tool interesting, and relevant to your everyday work experiences.

We wish you a pleasant time using the Intercultool! Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with our contacts at the end of the tool.

Kind regards,
The Intercultool Team